Why Do Married Women Cheat?

What is it that drives women to have an affair and cheat in their significant other?

Some women cheat simply because of boredom. Some women have an affair because they feel ignored, abandoned and neglected. There is of course some women who cheat just because they want to. Reasons for having affairs is complicated and uniquely different from couple to couple.

Often the reasons are physical, sometimes emotional. But we can’t ignore the fact that sometimes it’s simply due to opportunity. Research shows that while some women are in a happy, loving marriage they still decided to have a fling with a work colleague just because the opportunity was there.

Many people often assume it’s men who are the cheaters and women will not engage in sexual activity with a another person unless they are deeply in love with them or in serious relationship with them. Research data shows this is not true at all. Women enjoy casual sex and flings as much as men do.

Where do I find a married woman?

The majority or cheating women find their partners at work or an activity away from home such as the gym however more and more women are turning to dating and infidelity websites to find partners to have an affair with. In a time of lockdowns and social distancing, online is the easiest and safest way to find someone.