Secret Words Used By People Having An Affair

Successful adulterers have developed a secret code to disguise and hide their secret affairs from their partners. If you’re having an affair codes and secret language will help you keep things discreet:

  1. Tinmanning – people who don’t want to fall for the person they are cheating with are “tinmanning” themselves from those feelings – much like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.

  2. Stealing Home – this is where a person ends up marrying the person they had an affair with.

  3. NSFS – this stands for Not Suitable for Spouse when describing a photo or message. If someone is having an affair or married dating discretion is key.

  4. Fling Bling – jewellery to the. person they are having an extramarital affair with.

  5. Silverspooning – when older/senior people engage in an illicit relationship.

  6. Straycation – going on a holiday or short trip with the person they are having an affair with.

  7. Zippered – this is where the person develops a connection with the person they are having affair with.

  8. The First Coming – the first time a woman achieves an orgasms outside her marriage.

Using a secret language or code words makes a little easier to be unfaithful and helps keep an affair a secret. A successful affair is an undiscovered affair so discretion is an absolute must. This is why most cheaters use websites rather than apps. It’s much easier to hide your history than to hide an app.