9 Tips To Having An Affair

How to have an affair and get away with it

Whether you’re cheating because you’re bored, or unhappy, or just want to inject a little excitement in your life – it’s not for us to cast any judgement. We’re just here to help you get away with it!

Many people cheat and have affairs, and many people have been cheated on. As fun as it might be, that casual fling or full on affair can have consequences – but only if you get caught. So here are some tips to help you avoid getting caught with your pants down.

1. Don’t put your affair partner’s real name in your mobile

It should be a variation of one of your friends or someone your partner won’t think too much of. This person should text you fairly regularly anyway.

2. Make sure all your other devices are logged out

Don’t leave iMessage, Skype, Whatsapp or any other messaging app you use signed into your computer otherwise your partner will be able to see everything you’re covertly messaging to your fling.

3. Choose one method of communication and stick with it

It’s much easier to get rid of any evidence when you only have one place you need to clear. If you communicate on multiple platforms you will have tracks all over the place and it’s easy to forget one when you’re in a panic cleaning your tracks in a hurry.

4. Delete messages regularly

Don’t get sentimental. Make sure you delete all your messages regularly. Don’t be tempted to keep that one special sexy text message – that one message is what’s going to get you caught! Be brutal and efficient. Delete delete delete.

5. No. Photos. Ever.

There should never ever be any photographic evidence of your affair or the person you’re cheating with. In the age of social media networks and messaging apps your incriminating photo could be all over the internet by the time you get home. Talking your way out of a photo can be very very difficult so don’t risk it.

6. Resist the temptation to brag out your affair

The fewer people know about your illicit affair the less likely it will get out. Drunkenly telling your friends or work colleagues means you will have little or no control over who can eventually find out. If you have to tell someone make sure it’s someone you trust implicitly.

How to have a successful affair.

7. Don’t get involved with someone who wants more than just a fling

The last thing you want is to have a fling or affair with someone crazy enough to approach your partner/spouse when things don’t go the want them to or hoped they would go. Don’t make life even more complicated than it already is!

8. Don’t get fancy with your explanations

If you find yourself in a position where you have to talk your way out of sticky situation – keep it simple. Don’t start coming up with a wild story with lots of detail. Prepare a very simple explanation or story and stick with it. Going into grand detail can easily arouse suspicion.

9. Always be prepared

Getting caught off guard will get you into trouble, fast. Have your thought out excuses ready for when you need them. As mentioned before – keep it simple.

Of course, none of these tips are full-proof or guaranteed to prevent you from getting caught but they will help you have a successful and stress-free affair.