What I’ve learned from my first long term relationship

Having a sexy partner is important

Finding your partner sexy is really important. It’s also more of a personality trait than something physical. I think we downplay sexiness too much when it comes to serious relationships, but if your partner isn’t sexy to you at all, your sex life will suffer. I physically thought my partner was attractive, but he dressed terrible and wasn’t confident. This completely turned me off. It was to the point where I didn’t want to kiss him and we could barely even have sex because I was turned off.

Then my next boyfriend, who I only dated for a few months, was sexy as hell. We were very exclusive, he was only into me, he didn’t play women, but he was confident and knew what he was doing and that people found him attractive. He said he loved my confidence as well. He also had bacne and some loose skin from losing weight, I don’t want you to think you need to be perfect to be sexy.

While there is a physical component, it is mostly personality. Like if Jared Leto had the mentality that no one liked him and he was awkward and put me up on a pedestal, I wouldn’t be into it. I’m not into cockiness either, but you should both be confident.

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