Tips & Advice: Slippery When Wet

Safely Slippery

Here are some tips for ensuring that you make the most of the mind-blowing sex that hot water, soap suds and naked bodies can offer. With these basics in place, you can safely shag your brains out.

  • Water is not a lubricant – As counterintuitive as it seems water is not the right kind of wet, it’s what makes pool sex awkward too. Having lubricants on hand not only makes going balls deep a possibility but applying it is a lot of fun too.
  • Have a non-slip mat ready – They’re not sexy but the last thing you want mid-stroke is to slip and fall. Having a non-slip mat underfoot will give you and your crush the traction you need to enjoy yourselves without the danger of collapsing in a heap.
  • Aim the jets down – Visually seeing your partner with water cascading down their entire body might be hot as hell, however, trying to breathe mid-shag and swallowing a face full of water will make it feel more like waterboarding than waterplay.
  • Shower friendly toys – With all the fun and laughter that shower sex usually includes it’s a great time to play around with your partner’s erogenous zones and penchant for toys. If you don’t have access to silicone dildos and the like get creative. Sponges and objects with smooth handles can make interesting shower-friends.
  • Plan to explore – Start your teasing and foreplay long before getting into the shower. This will allow you to bypass any shyness in the shower and make the most of the hot water while it lasts. Having a mirror on hand to add another level of interactive voyeurism to the experience can be a lot of fun too.

If you have a shower seat or a bench that goes with your shower use it! It might sound like an odd idea since your head is filled with images of horny bodies pressed against the glass in a cloud of steam but they allow for a lot of versatility and satisfying positions in the shower.

Slide Into Position

Setting the scene for success is a major part of successfully pulling off new and exciting sex-plorations. With the above basics in place you will be able to fully focus on these, and other, sexual positions:

  • Doggy style – This is position is great for shower-sex pros and beginners and the added sensuality of hot water running down your backs will definitely elevate the experience. Enjoy it standing up or on all fours depending on the size of your shower and your flexibility.
  • Oral sex – Sucking and licking your partner as hot water cascades down on them is a major turn on. It is also something that can be done as a filler between position change. Transition from doggy style into oral sex and then into… dealers’ choice.
  • Spanking – With the heat of the water raising skin sensitivity the shower is a great place to spank your naughty crush. The same brush that you use to spank your partner also has a smooth handle that can be used to tease when you’re done.
  • Water release – If you have a retractable shower head now is the perfect time to have your partner look into your eyes as you pleasure her with a steady stream of hot water. Or, perhaps you can put on a show for your lover, having them watch but not touch as you show them what you like.
  • Wraparound – Think of this as standing missionary, lean your shoulders back against the wall, lifting one leg and wrapping it around your partner. This simple position allows nice deep penetration and for kissing while fucking, with the addition of a non-slip mat is perfectly safe in the shower.
  • Take a seat – Those of you who have a seat or ledge in the shower have the advantage of being able to sit in the shower and have your partner sit on your lap. Whether you want them facing you or facing away is simply a matter of preference and connection. No seat? No problem. By sitting in the lotus position on the shower floor you can achieve the same result.

    How Steamy Are You?

    Hopefully, these shower-positive sex tips will encourage you to give it a try. If you’re already a shower-sex prodigy, why not share your best moments or funniest experiences with us by leaving a comment down below. The steamier the better, you know how we like it.