My Dirty Story – Stories From My Sex Life

I have so many wild kinks on my mind lately, and I want to try them all. I don’t have a lot of limits. Maybe it’s overly dangerous, or risky.. but I have this one I can’t stop thinking about lately. Some of this I’ve done too before.

We meet up at the park near the trails very late at night, but we’ve only exchanged some minimal data and not a lot of photos, so I don’t know what your face looks like exactly. You’ve told me to meet you at the parking lot, with my back facing the parking lot, and looking out towards the trails. I can hear a car pull up behind me and park. I then get a text saying “I’m here.” I text back “me too” and you respond with “start walking.” I’m so scared my pussy is already dripping wet, and I start to walk down the dark trails. I hear you get out of your car and follow me but you keep a distance and I can hardly hear you. We walk for a long time, and I’m constantly wondering what’s going to happen next.

After we’ve walked deep into the woods and haven’t passed anyone, you start to catch up and are now just walking a few feet behind me. I start to walk faster, scared of what’s going to happen when you catch me. Right as we get to a spot where there’s a clearing near the trail, you run up and grab me by the arm. You wrap your hand over my mouth so I can’t scream and ask me if I’m who you’re looking for. I nod.

You laugh, and tell me I’m a dirty slut, and then pull me off of the trail and away from where anyone could see us. You slap me across the face and tell me if I scream or draw any attention you’ll make it hurt next time. You then tell me to bend over, and put my hands on the tree next to me. I start to cry and object, so you slap me across the face again, harder. I turn around and bend over. You immediately pull down my pants and panties and start to rub the head of your dick against my clit until it’s hard. Then you shove it in, and fuck me hard and quick. This isn’t for my pleasure, you just want to use me as a hole tonight. You quickly start to cum deep in my pussy, and it’s so much that it starts to pour down

my legs.

You then tell me to not move at all, and walk over to my face and force me to clean off your dick with my mouth…